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What Is Possessive?

A puzzle game in both isometric and first-person perspectives where you control a ghost capable of possessing living things. Solve puzzles, possess the residents, and defeat the old medium's magical totem to escape!

Possessive was developed by Team Hex for UCF's Spring 2017 Game Production Class.

How Do I Play?

WASD or Arrow Keys to move your character

Spacebar/left click to interact with objects or use special abilities

Mouse to aim and rotate the world

Q and E to rotate the world

Left shift to enter Possessive mode

What Can I Play This On?

Possessive was built to run on the following platforms:

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX (coming soon with the bug free update at the end of May!)
there are no plans to create a linux version of the game

The Team

Adam Cohen

Producer, Lead Artist, Animator, Lighting

Angel Rodriguez

Technical and Creative Director

Ben Taylor

Senior Programmer and UI Artist/Programmer

Donovan Maholland

Environmental Artist

Jeff Alvarado

Lead Level Design, Sound Design, and Senior Environmental Artist

Michael Clarke


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Adam Cohen

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Possessive.zip 38 MB


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Wonderful game. Would love to see this mechanic in a full length game as possess is underused but an awesome mechanic. Thanks again for the game.